Care a Little Less

Since we were kids, we always worried about what other people thought. Are we cool enough? Is our shirt in style? Will the kids laugh at me when I speak in class? What if I get picked last in gym class? Who will let me sit with them at lunch?

These anxiety stricken worries surround us…and they don’t necessarily go away. They can take on new forms. Will I get into college? What should my major be? Will I get a promotion? Do my co-workers like me? Will they invite me to happy hour? Will I lose this weight for the wedding? Does it matter if I go stag to this wedding? What if I’m the last to have kids? What if I fall during Yoga? Will I still be cool enough at the reunion?
The ??? don’t end. Our perspective can though.
The secret to any relationship and success is our own confidence in ourselves. If we believe in who we are, and believe we are doing everything we can to be our best selves, who cares if the person who gives us that mocking stare really cares? Whether it’s your frenemy, a co-worker, an old classmate, or your next door neighbor – the person judging you is probably just judging themselves that much more harshly.
So instead…take the higher road.
You are cool enough. You are pretty enough. You are enough.
And to those who judge…sorry you are wasting your time doing so.

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