[Cruel] Intentions

Sometimes I wish I could read people’s minds, other times, I’m grateful I cannot. Can you imagine the thoughts that you would hear? Some favorful, some indifferent, and some so negative you may want to open your mouth and say, “are you kidding me?”

Perhaps I was naïve, but when I was younger, I used to believe the best in everyone. I assumed everyone liked me, was honest with me when they spoke, and wouldn’t consider malice towards people, especially for no legitimate reason.

I hadn’t been jaded yet.

I take it back, I wouldn’t say I’m jaded. My eyes are no longer just seeing the surface level now. When it comes to relationships, careers, and even just day-to-day engagements with folks, there are a few things I have learned to consider. Some may seem obvious, but sometimes we forget the obvious, and need a little reminder.

When you are getting to know someone knew:

  • Give people the benefit of the doubt
  • Don’t judge on just first impressions
  • Get to actually know someone
  • Don’t just talk, listen
  • Listen to their actions, not just their words
  • Look for consistencies in behavior
  • Decipher the underlying reasoning or motive

Perhaps you thought this post would be a link back to the movie…

Cue the Placebo song: “My body is broken yours is bent. Carve your name into my arm…because there is nothing else to do, every me, every you.”

Perhaps I listened to the song while writing this, but the movie itself bears truth to the above. Ryan’s character had ill intentions at first, but his intentions changed. Reese’s character had to dig under the surface for a true reason for his actions.

And other times, we just need to let people be who they are, and accept them for it. Or we can walk away, and say – peace!


 image source – pixabay

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