Don’t drown

Don’t drown in the madness of your daily life. Don’t let yourself eat your feelings. Drink your frustrations. Sleep away your sorrow. Don’t let yourself become a shell of yourself just going through the motions of your life. It would be a sad, sad, world if we all went through life this way.

There are days when I’ve done this. I can end up working 10-12 hours on average. Coming home to more work, and hoping that glass of red vino will help resolve the frustrations of the day. The ice cream as an indulgence I feel I deserve after the long couple days I’ve had. The sleep I slumber into as long as I possibly can, before I hit snooze and repeat. This can’t work on a regular basis. I need ways to make myself come up from the water. Find ways to not lose my “floatie.”

It’s hard to find that “floatie” on Mondays…or Tuesdays. Usually by the time we get to Wednesday we see it floating nearby, and Thursday it’s just within reach. But that shouldn’t have to be the case, should it?

Each week I try to find ways to float up top earlier in the week. Find ways to fit in some ways to make myself excited for the day even when I’m busy. I’ve found 3 things that help me stay afloat that are not related to eating, drinking, and sleeping. I tried to find 15-60 for exercise 5-6 days a week. That’s a big range of minutes because sometimes I really only have 15 minutes and that’s better than nothing. So I’ll make it a really good 15 minutes. Second, I try to find time with my furball and give her a hug each day. She’s a complete ball of unconditional love and you can’t beat a little furry one running to the door greet you at the end of a long day. You will smile. Third, I try to make sure I speak with a friend outside of work on most days. I typically text with at least a few good friends a week to ensure I keep up with life outside of the madness and feel a little more centered with those who may not be so close by.


Image source: Dailymail UK

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