Errand Friend Dates

Tired of running errands? Do they feel like a chore? Not have enough time to hang with friends? Budget a little tight? Here’s a thought – how about an “errand friend date”?

As I get wiser in age…schedules appear harder, and there’s just so much adulting to do. I have one particular friend, who I’ve started to not just have regular catchups with, but find more creative ways of hanging out, that allows us to feel productive but also enjoy each other’s company.

  • Want to be active? Go for a hike together.
  • Need to run an errand such as supplies from Target? Grab a coffee and hit Target together – you can also convince one another to not buy via impulse (or encourage…whichever).
  • Hungry but not wanting to fork out a salary for dinner? Do lunch or apps instead or order in and watch a movie.
  • Want to enjoy the weather? Go for a walk in one of your neighborhoods or at a park / beach.
  • Want to watch the same show but it’s late? Watch it via phone together.
  • Have a hobby you share? Do it together.
  • Need to walk your dogs? Walk them together.

Chores don’t have to be so painful. And hanging out shouldn’t have to be so difficult to schedule, especially if you do it around things you already want to or have to do that week anyway. Also, hanging out doesn’t have to be 10 hours, it can be 1-2 hours of quality catchup vs. all night.

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image source: pixabay

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