Fall is just around the corner

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…and I admit I am SO ready. I love the turn of the season, the crisp weather, and most of all the newness of it all. Perhaps it’s because I used to have school every September and it felt like a fresh start. That kind of stuck with me. Nowadays, what I love most is the comfort of the season. The comforts that make me feel even more at home as the chill sets in. Yes, I love boot and leather jacket season, so that doesn’t hurt. However, I also love pumpkin everything (Yes, I am that person), pies, seasonal flavors, the temps that are cooler but still allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Having lived in the northeast the bulk of my life and having gone to college in Boston, weather typically doesn’t scare me off. It’s more about the different things you can enjoy during that time period that you can’t in others.

This fall I’m excited for:

  • Trying new recipes
  • Having cozy nights on the patio or balcony with the fire pit
  • Taking crisp morning walks on the water
  • Enjoying cozy nights in with friends
  • Exploring seasonal escapes in the area including hiking
  • Taking photography of the leaves changing
  • Reading and creating more

I won’t look forward to less sunlight, but it’ll allow me to choose staying when I need to versus getting out when I need that breath of fresh air.

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