If you could start all over…

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If you could start all over….Would you?

We’ve all chosen a path, or a criss-cross path to where we are today. We may have chosen a major in college, then a job, and/or grad school, and fixated our minds on a particular career. I went from being pre-med with a physics degree to currently working at a brand as a content/digital marketer. It was not a direct path, for sure.

I asked a friend over coffee the other day, if you could go back, start over, change courses, what would you have done instead of being the successful person you are today? There’s a lot she could have done, she had many choices in life, in college, and beyond.

Thinking back, there was probably a pivotal moment where we all had that decision. Take the left turn or the right turn at that fork? Choose this major or take that job? Another fork in the road…we chose. We chose where we are today, where we see that or not. We made certain decisions that brought us to where we are today.

The question is, can we turn the path around, change it again, and if we can/could – would we?

Some of us still have more opportunities to change again, pivot, make a new stop along the path of our careers and lives. And this isn’t all about professions, it’s about relationships, where we live in the world, the country, and the the type of life we’ve chosen for ourselves.

Would we be with the person we’re with if we could change things? Would we have met that person? Is it okay if we didn’t? Would we be friends with our closest friends if we turned back the clock? Or chose a different state or school to reside/attend? So many questions, so many paths, so many different lives we could lead.

And yet, we still can. But would you?


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