Good Habits Start Here.

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Good habits are not just something that transform you over night. They don’t just start and stay forever. They are a pain to begin (at times), take hard work to continue, and typically involve lifestyle changes in order to be good habits in the long term.
But how do we start?
My tip..
Be realistic. Start small and grow them. For instance if you’re trying to be better about eating, take out one thing from your diet, then another 1-2 weeks later, then another. Not all at once.
How do we continue?
My tip…
Mix it up. Don’t do the same thing everyday. For example for food, try new recipes so you don’t get bored of salads. Try making a homemade soup. For working out, consider mixing up your workouts. For example, take a class with friends to motivate yourself and lose the excuses.
How do we keep it going?
My tip…
Give yourself breaks. Don’t assume you have to have your good habits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example, if you’re working out and increasing your fitness routine, give yourself one to days a week to take a break and/or do something easier. For example if you go for a long walk or hike, consider that your workout for a day off or easy day.
What’s your way to stay true to good habits?

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