How to make chores less of a chore

I admit, I hate being domestic including cleaning and food prepping and laundry and all that lovely Monica from Friends stuff. I dread the “adulting” part of the weekends when I need to make my apartment clean again – and I don’t mean Monica clean, I mean, regular clean. Yes, I do it. I do it every week, and ever since covid I got rid of my monthly cleaning service (for deep cleans) so all of it is on me now. And food prepping so I eat healthy each week – although something I really really want to do, is still, yet, another chore.

So…now what?

I recently had a chat with my holistic wellness doctor (and friend) who has been helping me with my digestion, nutrition, and overall health and she and I came up with a pretty great idea.

Instead of just focusing on the chore, and dreading it, how about pairing the chore with something you want to do, and/or enjoy doing?

For example, instead of just food prepping, listen to a podcast or book on audio while food prepping. I know one of the things on my “want to do” ” to do lists” is to to read and listen to more books but I have a hard time fitting it in as often as I would like. But, with this coupling idea of bulking activities together, I can do something I want to do to make something I don’t want to do “less of a chore.”

Another example is catching up with friends on the phone or on facetime while going for a walk – perhaps at the same time as one another. That way you’re getting in some steps, but also catching up with someone you are excited to chat with.

The same can be done with cleaning and laundry and other things chores, so you get the idea. Make a chore, less of a chore by adding in something you enjoy at the same time.

Until next time, #radiatedaily

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