Do you remember your “word” of the year?

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Thanks to social media I was reminded of my post in the New Year of what I had pledged as my word for the year. Actually, I had chosen two words, because it felt fitting to have both. Note: I choose words over resolutions as they represent a theme I want to carry through the year and what I want to focus on.

This year I had chosen the words “move” and “believe.”

Move, not just being about physical movement, but also emotional and mental. Believe, in realizing that things always work out the way they’re supposed to.

I had forgotten a bit about these words as the year progressed as I got consumed by everything in it and the madness of what was going on. I admit it hasn’t been the easiest of years, with a lot of stress, changes (unexpected), and the need for inner strength, dedication and fortitude to keep pressing on.

So perhaps without realizing I was focusing on the the words – move and believe – through some internalization and they have been working within me to help overcome some of these obstacles of the year. Not to say they’re accomplished yet, because everything truly is a work in progress.

Through some reflection over the past few days I realized that despite the stress and frustration, I’m stronger than I realize and despite the unknowns that still exist in the future, I know I will find a way to be okay. The hardest part is trusting in the future, trusting in patience, and trusting in myself to find the right path to take.

Trust to believe, Trust to move forward.

Until next time, #radiatedaily.

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