Is it Really the End of the World or Only the Beginning?

Written by contributing blogger, Daniela Forte.

Remember when you were young and you thought everything was the end of the world? Everything was much bigger than it actually was.  And you look back on those days and you laugh or you listen to kids now and you want to tell them whatever it is that’s troubling them isn’t the end of the world.  Because it isn’t.  We all at point or another had to learn this lesson. 

But what if you are in your 30s and stuff is either changing at a rapid pace or nothing is changing at all and you begin to revert back to that kid who thinks the world is ending around them.  It probably isn’t.  It’s just tough grownup stuff that as adults we need to work through to get to the other side. 

You begin to wonder where the hell your life is going or how the hell you get here in the first place? You begin to question the hardship, you ask yourself, “where did I go wrong?”

 It certainly feels like the end of the world.  You often feel stuck and it doesn’t matter how positive people tell you to be, or how much faith you should have, you are in this place. 

But I challenge you and myself included, to think about whether it is just the beginning of a world you are meant to be part of.  What if everything that is being put in front of you, everything you’ve lost, everything that is making it damn difficult to get up every day is just part of the beginning of your world?

What if you are being tasked to think differently (and I know this can be painful… especially for us dreamers), of a life we never could see for ourselves because we have been holding on to a life we thought we wanted that may not have been right for us?

What if the world we imagined for ourselves was so desperately small, so limiting and not as wonderful as we thought or made it out to be? 

I don’t have tips or tricks to handle the changes that are put in front of us, other than to have faith.  I have found that on days when it feels the darkest, I pray. I am not a super religious person, but I pray a whole lot.  It can be similar to just thinking good thoughts, and focusing on the good in life and hoping for the best, too.


image source – pixabay

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