When you’re feeling lazy

You’ve worked your butt off all week, and now it’s the weekend. The last thing you want to do is be productive, use your computer, or do chores. So you let some things slide, and decide to be lazy. Come Monday, you regret this because now you still have all this “adulting” to do on top of your regular madness.

I know I’ve been there. As much as I’d love to nap and catch up on Netflix, I try to balance both. The second I do my laundry, get groceries, get my workout in, and my place tidied, I feel like a breath of fresh air has come through. It’s satisfaction. It’s a sense of peace.

My home feels like a sanctuary again. And my Monday is that much easier.

We don’t all have the same sense of laziness, but there is probably something you avoid that you shouldn’t. Instead of avoiding it, remind yourself of the feeling you have after you have completed it, last time. For example, when do you ever feel bad after working out? Never. You feel damn good.

So next time you’re getting a bout of laziness…don’t ignore it. Just balance it.


image source – pixabay

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