Little bits of comfort

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We all have them. It could be a pen, a necklace, an old stuffed animal, or even a movie. Little bits of comfort that make us feel either at home, calmer, and/or just comforted.

It’s helpful to have these things, especially in our most stressful environments – such as work. And sometimes it’s nice to have one of those comforts on us at all times.

For me at home:

  • I have my furballs
  • The FAO Schwartz Pup (come on it’s like a pillow in itself)
  • My cool weighted blanket
  • Friends the TV show reruns
  • My silk pillow case
  • My journal where I write whatever comes to my mind including quotes and poetry
  • My favorite mug

At work:

  • I have my water bottle
  • A stressball
  • A familiar mug where I store pens and pencils
  • A scarf to wrap around me

On the go:

  • I always have a chapstick
  • My necklace that has a special meaning for me
  • Typically one of my bracelets that also mean something to me
  • A picture of one of my furballs on my phone and watch

Everyone has something different, and in some cases it’s just one thing we have with us at all times. Whatever it might be, it’s yours, and not something you have to share.

Your comfort.


image source – pixabay

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