Why Living Alone is an Awesome Experience

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…I’ve had a few roommates over my days, two of which were my best friends, and they were wonderful as roommates and friends. I lived with one for 6 years…and holy crap yes that’s a long time. As I shifted into my late twenties and started grad school, I wanted a bit more space, and try things on my own. Do things as I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted.

I will admit, right before I moved into my first one bedroom apartment in Boston, I did get a little 2 pound black kitten. This little runt was a ball of cuteness, and kept me company when I felt like I missed my old roommate. And she is only 5 pounds today…you heard me right.

But what’s really great about living alone?

  1. There is no one to judge when you order in for dinner…again
  2. No one to tell you to clean up when you want to lay on the couch (although I am quite a tidy person anyway)
  3. The ability to decompress from a long day, on your own terms
  4. Being able to sleep in or stay up as long as you want
  5. Feeling like a real adult
  6. Taking the time to get to know yourself
  7. Getting to enjoy your own company
  8. If you can live by yourself and enjoy it, you’ll be better suited for a significant other too
  9. Time to be more productive and less on someone’s else’s schedule
  10. Time to just be you



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