Love a little harder

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It’s easy to not try, give up, move on, not check in, feel too busy, or think I’ll get back to that person later.

But what if we keep making excuses, or not “finding” time… sometimes, it becomes too late.

We may lose that friend or significant other or relative. They may decide, we’ve given up on them, so why not give up on us.

These times, where covid has separated so many of us, putting in that extra effort is necessary. Doing that extra zoom call, picking up the phone, making time for coffee, or a walk in a park, or writing an email to update each other on one’s life and check-in isn’t a “I’ll get to it,” but a “must-have” nowadays.

And for those who try a little less with the stronger friends, the folks who are always there for you, and you think they are so put together, strong, and never need anyone – they still need you, too. They still need you to check in. The strong ones, have their weaknesses too. We all do.

Humans were built to interact, to have relationships, and communicate. We were not built to live alone and in silos.

So please, for the ones in your life, who you matter to, and hopefully matter to you as well, take a moment. Send a text, send an email, pick up the phone, send an actual card, or a random surprise, or set up a zoom happy hour (because we all love those), and remember to show/say you care.

Take a moment, and love a little harder.


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