Screw Migraines

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Ever think, wow, “another migriane?!”… “another migraine?!”…”why, why another migraine?!”

Migraines Suck!

There really is no other word for it, maybe, but it pretty much sums it up. Migraines can bother your head, to disturbing your routine at a minimum or even causing you to a have a full bodily breakdown where you need to rest it off completely. Blinds shut, water, sleep, little to noise or light. They can take a toll not only on your head, but your stomach, your digestive system, your strength and your motivation overall. They are rough!

I started having migraines when I turned 30… made me realize real fast how turning 30 was going to be a lot different than my twenties. I talk more about the start of my migraines, how I deal with them, and how they’ve gotten better now…

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