So many intentions, so little “adulting”

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Every week and especially weekend, I think to myself, I’m going to such an awesome “adult” and get all these tasks completed – everything from laundry to spring/fall cleaning, to reading that book I’ve had on my coffee table for weeks, put in extra time for my workout, eat healthier because I have the time to cook and prepare the food, make time for friends/family, catch up on sleep, and go out to have a little fun. But as we know…as much as we want to “adult” the week’s madness gets in the way, and by the time the weekend comes or the evening after work, we are tired, and the last thing we want to do is more productive checklist items. We want to relax on the couch, have a beverage with a friend, sleep in, order in food, choose going out over doing laundry, binge watching tv instead of reading that book. Sometimes it’s what we need, but sometimes we should strive for a little more balance.

Damn adulting can really suck. So how do we kick adulting in the butt?

Here are a few ways I’m currently trying, and I will admit, it’s definitely a work in progress:

  • I try to plan out a balance of activities each weekend: time with friends, time to do some work, and time for myself to just relax.
  • I try to get to as much as I can (the most important things) and if it’s not all done, it’s ok. I did what I could, and chores/errands can be completed another day too.
  • If you’re really that sleepy, sometimes sleep is more important (as long as we don’t let it get in the way of our whole day).
  • Sometimes it’s easier to combine activities like running errands with friends, or inviting a friend over to binge watch or cook dinner together.
  • I realize that I’m more likely going to read when I’m commuting, so I don’t kick myself as much when I don’t get to it at other times.

How do you find ways to “adult” better?



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