30s vs 20s…the real deal

I will admit, turning 30 (5 years ago) was a milestone I was nervous about. That number seemed scary. I mean it just seemed “old”, an obstacle, I wasn’t ready for. And then my bday came and passed, and I felt not much different. However, as I progressed in my early 30s, and moved to NYC, I realized I grew up in my 20s when I moved out to Boston, but I grew into myself in my 30s. I try new things by myself, I worry less about what other people think, I’m more daring with my fashion, letting it show my mood that day, and it made me grow into my career as well.

In my 20s:

  • I needed to have plans all the time
  • If I didn’t have plans on the weekend, I felt lonely
  • I needed to feel wanted and needed
  • I needed to feel accepted
  • I needed to wear clothes that other people complimented
  • I needed to get compliments and appreciation
  • I had a hard time doing things by myself
  • I wasn’t sure what I really wanted and what part of me, I really was

In my 30s:

  • I need a balance of plans and time alone to recharge
  • I don’t need plans to feel better, because I’m happy being by myself too
  • I like to feel wanted and needed, and appreciate it (it’s not a need)
  • I like to feel accepted, and have a hard time not being accepted but have learned to let certain circumstances go because they’re not meant to be
  • I wear what I feel good in and am excited in (or just comfortable in)
  • I don’t need compliments, but I enjoy them
  • I feel more independent and have no problem doing certain things by myself (the movies, dinner, taking a day trip, etc)
  • I’m still figuring life out, and all the things I want, but I have a better idea of what I do and don’t want each and every day

Each day is a day of growth. Each day is a day of learning. Each day is another version of me coming into the mirror.



image source – pixabay

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