NYFW: Let’s do this

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It’s that time of year again…and I don’t just mean back to school, pumpkin coffee, and fall leaves changing. Drum roll please… New York Fashion Week. The coveted brands, the styles, and the drool worthy outfits that make it down the catwalk are just around the corner. Although we’re just reaching the peak of fall fashion trends to wear….these shows will be for the upcoming Spring and Summer trends. So for those of you dreading the colder temps, you can day dream of the beach wear you can wear on your next vacation and spring travels.

Here’s the skinny you need to know to keep up and get some peeks at what’s to come for fashion:
Save the Dates: September 10 – 17th
Tune in Live from your device of choice. But please don’t walk into a pole while watching. That would be awkward.
Who will be there:
Rachel Zoe
Rebecca Minkoff
Calvin Klein
If you’re lucky enough to attend or want to act like you are: The app is here. 
Outside the show, is another fashion show happening. The street style looks of those walking around the city, and those attending to see the shows. Their styles are the real thing, and we can’t help but see what “so and so” wore to sit in the front row.
Who to follow? Here’s a mix of style bloggers and editors:
Next Up:
London Sept 18 – 22
Milan Sept 23 – 29
Paris Sept 30 – Oct 7
Alright…let’s do this. My heels are on and waiting!

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