Relax and Unwind

Ever get hyped up and stressed out in traffic? I may have a cure for you. I don’t drive as much as I used to, but I have been in the car a bunch over the past few days, and well- traffic sucks. I am an impatient and sometimes aggressive (errr um, assertive!) driver. Actually I think I just described most Bostonian drivers. Thanks to SiriusXM channel 53- Chill (Downtempo/Deep House)- I didn’t get as frustrated as I normally would sitting in traffic. I was able to tune out the honking horns and craziness around me and enjoy the ride. I highly recommend checking out this station if you have SiriusXM in your car or on your computer. You’d be surprised- you may¬†know more songs than you think you do!

Here’s a list of my running faves and of course the full playlist:

Punga by Klingande

Warm Minds (Radio Mix) by Robin Schulz

Two Bodies by Flight Facilities, Emma Louise

Shine- Matoma Mix by Felix Jaehn, Freddy Verano, Linylng



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