Summer book list ready to pop open

Finding time to read may not always be the easiest, but taking some time off in the summer for mental health, relaxation and/or just because gives us a little extra time. Imagine yourself sitting on a beach with the waves crashing or by the pool with the sun shining, or just on your couch with a nice cold refreshing cup of iced tea and lemon. Imagine you’re worries are gone and you’re ready to escape into a new world, a new book, of your choice.

Here are a few I’ve read or I’m looking forward to checking out over the next few months:


  • The Divines: Quoted by the Skimm as ““For when you want a coming-of-age novel with a dark twist. In this provocative novel, the past isn’t always as far away as you think.” 
  • Fight Club 2 – graphic novel and sequel of the original amazing novel, which as you know, the first rule of fight club is, you don’t speak about fight club.
  • The girl who lived – a girl who survived a crazy event, and is looking to survive it now. It’s a thriller, and that just grabs my attention right away.
  • The silent patient – supposed to be a bit of Hitchcock, Agatha Christie and more.

Success books:


  • Scar Tissue – the biography of front man, Anthony Keidis, of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
  • Untamed – I still need to read about Glennon Doyle, I know I know.

What’s on your list?


Image source: pixabay

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