A ray of light

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A ray of light bounces off her smile she looks up to see hope for the day Who knew it would transcend into her bones Like a dog that runs astray He led her down the path She ran sideways Looking for a hole in the wall She found a ragged doll laying below She looked up Seeing through her broken glasses Another glimmer of hope

The Leaves Fallen

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She sat She thought She winced at the pain She scratched at the pavement searching for a grain of improvement hoping for the mask to be removed The leaves twisted in the sun The birds hid from the disruption The cat perched on its hind legs She sat She looked for a new vision The pebble rolled towards her The brick crumbling The twigs cracking as she stepped ...

A Bit of Edge

  She sipped from a tattered wine glass The edges cracked with regret The glass smokey from indecision The base fragile from temptation She adorned a worn silk dress Ripped on the edge from too many falls Smooth from the desires fulfilled A little too short from the times spent around the hamster wheel She strapped on shiny new heels New to the touch and ...