Take Out the Garbage in Your Life

Written by contributing blogger, Daniela Forte.

I am not just talking about the garbage under your sink (well maybe that too) I am talking about the garbage you have allowed (yes, allowed… because we do ugh) in your life. 

What is the garbage?  It’s the negativity that surrounds you. It’s the bad talk you say to yourself and others, it’s the anxiety you have about things you can’t control, it’s the terrible people that make demands and treat you poorly… it’s that kind of garbage. 

For a very (VERY) long time, I allowed garbage in my life in the forms of what I mentioned above.  I still do. Some days that garbage stockpiles that I feel suffocated by its wretched odor. 

I have found myself saying out loud at times, “That was utter garbage, just garbage” or “those people are garbage.”  But why have I allowed it? Does this make me just as bad as the garbage that surrounds me? 

How can you alleviate this garbage? Well here is what I learned:

Not Everyone Has the Same Heart as You

 I am sure you want to help everyone, you want to make this world a better place.  You think that everyone you help or are there for, will be there for you. Yeah, no.  Because not everyone has the same heart as you. Not everyone will rise to the occasion and not everyone has the best intentions.  To alleviate this garbage, you have to set the boundaries with people, don’t let everyone take and take and take from you without giving anything in return.  Remove the expectations.  When you don’t expect, you cannot be disappointed. 

Throw Away the Benefit of the Doubt While You’re at It

During this purge of garbage, throw out the benefit of the doubt.  I find that I am highly intuitive person and through out my life I have offered the benefit of the doubt to a lot of people. I’ve used excuses like time, growth will change people and circumstances.  Going against my better judgement and intuitive abilities. People and circumstances don’t change.  I’ve paid the heavy price every time I’ve incorporated the benefit of the doubt into the equation. 

Literally, Take Out the Garbage

Okay, now I am talking about real garbage. Have you ever looked around your home after a busy week or two and seen what a disaster it has become?  I’ve heard multiple times that when the mind is cluttered so is your environment.  Lately, I am finding this need to throw everything out, (well not everything, but you get the idea) because I can’t take it anymore.  I don’t know where this need is coming from or why I am feeling it, but I am doing it.  I’ve made a list of things I need to de-clutter in my home, whether it was that junk drawer in the living room or that sock drawer my bedroom.  I am on to my pantry now!  When you give your space a good clean up you feel the release.  It’s a wonderful feeling. 

Stop the Nasty Self-Talk Garbage

We are so brutal on ourselves. We take blame for things we aren’t at fault for, we apologize when we shouldn’t.  We talk so badly about ourselves all the time.  This is all garbage.  Your mind, your body and your spirit will hear you, it will believe what you tell it.  Stop the bad self-talk garbage and be kinder to yourself. 

Take Out the Lack of Forgiveness Garbage

Forgive yourself for everything you didn’t do right in your past, take the garbage out that prevents you from forgiving yourself and when the time is right others.  Put a fresh bag of love, compassion and care for yourself and stop blaming yourself for what you didn’t do right in your life and start again.


image source – pixabay

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