be a unicorn

Why be a regular horse, when you can be a unicorn?

Many times, you see everyone wearing the same trend, studying for similar jobs, and just trying to fit in. But what’s so wrong about standing out and being you?

Yes in middle school and high school it was harder to be a unicorn but when you’re grown up, we’ve “hopefully” passed those frustrating bullying days. Here are a few things you can do to be more you:

  • Let your inner geek out. Geek is in.
  • Dress the way you want to dress. Who cares what today’s in style is.
  • It’s cool if you don’t want to go out on a Friday night.
  • If you want to do an extra project at work, go for it. Show them what you have.
  • It’s ok to think different, want different things, and be different than others. Different is way more interesting.

Be you. Be a unicorn.


image source – pixabay

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