Why you should take a shot of Aloe Vera

Our friends over at Thrive by Food have some great tips on digestive issues and ensuring you live a happy live that is both healthy and fulfilling. Kristin – the founder (and friend) – mentioned to me that she was taking Aloe Vera before almost every meal because it helped her with digestion. I was hesitant…I mean it doesn’t sound appealing…at all. And isn’t that the stuff you put on when you have a sunburn? It just sounded like something I could avoid and wouldn’t need. But then I remembered I thought the same about Apple Cider Vinegar, and now I drink that basically every day (or at least morning).

One morning I was having a craving for one of my favorite smoothies from Juice Generation, but before I ordered I looked through some of their latest in their fridge. They had some shots in glass bottles, including a shot of aloe vera. I stared at the choices for so long that the lady behind the counter asked twice if I needed explanation. Finally I caved and purchased the shot of aloe and took it with me. The funniest part was drinking out of a vial that made it look like I literally taking a shot of alcohol on the street, but whatever, right? The taste – took a little getting used to – it’s no lemonade let’s just say – but it wasn’t bad either. It had a subtle feeling of relief. And afterward when I had lunch I felt a lot less issues of discomfort (which I can due to my gluten issues). Not saying it was an automatic solve for digestion, but it did make me feel better.

Since then I’ve had it a couple times before meals, and here are my 3 reasons for sticking to it:

  1. I had an easier time digesting my next meal
  2. I felt more hydrated overall
  3. And I got extra vitamins. Winning!

To read more on the benefits of Aloe Vera check out: Healthline. 


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