Is shopping the therapy for you?

In my twenties, anytime I had a tough time with someone [insert boyfriend here] or was having a rough time in school or work, I had an itch to go shopping. I wanted an instant satisfaction and feeling of happiness. The thrill of finding a nice new pair of shoes or that perfect top for Friday night…it was a high. I felt better. At least…for that moment.

But was it worth it?

I realized that although it was great “in the moment” it wasn’t always good for the long haul. It didn’t solve the issue, and it didn’t help my wallet either. Instead I’ve tried to find new ways of therapy and if I want instant gratification (including shopping) then I find things that will go beyond the moment…

  1. Purchase something for my health and wellness – Example (a): if I’m dying to buy clothing, then perhaps a new pair of leggings I can wear and motivate myself to go to a gym class is better than a new pair of shoes or makeup. Example (b): if I want a purchase, then maybe it’s something that is small and not going to break my wallet. For instance if I find something on clearance, or something that is for the home. Recently I purchased an essential oil humidifier and diffuser which allows my home to feel even more stress free. In turn, this helps in the long run vs. the short term. And it was reasonably priced!
  2. Go to the gym – This is an obvious one. The hardest part is getting yourself there, because when has anyone ever regretted a workout and not felt better after?
  3. Self care – Sometimes ordering in dinner and renting a movie at home is the perfect way to unwind. It’s a treat without feeling like you’re going crazy. Another example if getting a manicure or taking a bath and reading a magazine. Or maybe just binge watching a favorite show and having a glass of wine (and cheese…because it’s cheese).
  4. Talking it out – Whether it’s with the person who is bothering you or a person you trust, sometimes just a mini vent is enough to blow off the steam. And if you don’t want to talk, write it down in a journal. Getting the feelings out is better than keeping them bottled up.



image source – pixabay

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