the company you keep

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People always say, you’re judged by the company you keep. But what about the impact of the people you keep upon you? They either lift you up or make you a worse human being. Less of who you are. Less of who you want to be or imagined yourself as.

How do you want to be seen? What version of you, would you love?

We’ve all met and had several types of friends and relationships:

  • the ones who say “you go girl” and support you no matter what
  • the ones who give it to us straight, no bullshit
  • the ones who you can talk to anything about
  • the ones who call just to say hi
  • the ones who are fair weather friends
  • the ones who pretend to like you
  • the ones who tolerate your presence
  • the ones who manipulate you
  • the ones who bring you down to their level
  • the ones who make you focus on the devil on your shoulder
  • the ones who take you away from your goals
  • the ones who never praise you and only question you
  • the ones who talk shit about everything and everyone
  • the ones who are pity me, i hate my life
  • and the ones who have no real emotion

So many versions. So many types of people. Obviously the upper four are the ones who are best to have around. However, sometimes it’s not until we’ve met the others that we appreciate what we have. The last one, the emotionless … avoid, avoid, avoid. Can you imagine having a friendship or relationship with someone who cannot feel? Who can’t love? But can pretend to act in that manner? Scary, but true.

First appearances are deceiving. watch as you build the relationship and determine if that person is the type you want in your daily life, or someone you’d rather leave behind and not be associated with. Choose wisely. Your happiness and daily mental health can depend on it.


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