what about a creative release?

Whether or not you think you have a creative bone in your body or not, most of us have interests that involve being creative. They can range from physical to mental, and allow us to de-stress, release our day, and also use another part of our brain, which we probably don’t during our regular so- called 9-5.

I spoke with a friend recently and he reminded me that a lot of my creative releases are specifically for me. I don’t expect to necessarily make profit from them, nor do I expect everyone to enjoy what I do/make. However, it brings me pleasure, and it allows me to feel a different side of myself. My normal day-to-day is on the computer and/or in meetings. There are creative parts to my job including video production and campaign generation. However, it’s all digital (mostly).

So a lot of my releases involve stepping away from the digital, and into the things I can touch. I obviously like writing, and I really enjoy allowing myself to let my emotions out through poetry. I’ve probably written close to a 100 or more at this rate, but they are not something I necessarily share. They’re for me. Perhaps one day I will, but for now, there’s no real desire.

I also enjoy photography, sketching, style consulting, and volunteering to help the community. I also used to love playing music, but now it’s more listening — at home or live. Usually none of these utilize digital, which allows me to take a break from the screen, and also remind myself that I have other passions outside of my job too.

What you do is your choice. Just remember, it’s yours – it’s not meant for your significant other, your friend, your family, or your audience. It’s meant for you to keep to yourself or put out there. There will always be critics, but don’t be a critic of yourself.

Allow yourself to let it all out. Be that creative nerd.


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