The world keeps on turning

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The fast-paced world doesn’t slow down for anyone

Whether you live in NYC where everything seems to pass in a “New York minute” or the country side where you feel a more leisurely ability to move…the world is still turning, and it’s not slowing down whatever your pace or your tasks and motivation.

You see this most in an airport where folks are rushing from check-in to their gate, hoping they have time to grab a coffee from a have decent location. Loading up on snacks or food before they rush on the ramp…sometimes eating what we normally wouldn’t because we need items for “on the go” rather than being able to sit down and enjoy the moment with our food.

“So what,” you ask…

We all have our routines. School or work. Errands or social gatherings. Exercise or couch. Sleep for as long as possible before it starts all over again. However, when we go through a happy moment or something not so enjoyable such as the loss of a loved one or an injury, it’s easy to get stuck in that moment. Not being able to move forward. Going days, maybe weeks or months in this sphere or emotions and unable to let them completely go. Unfortunately, the folks around us, won’t stay that whole time. They’ll be there in the beginning, bringing their condolement and hugs and comfort food. However, they have lives too, and could also be going through “something” significant.

We have to take the moment, realize it for what it is, and help ourselves come out of it. The world isn’t waiting for us, standing still until we do. Friends move away. Significant others become distant. Our job continues to focus on projects that are necessary. If we wait too long, too much may have changed, and it will take longer to adjust back to reality. Instead consider keeping an eye on reality, and not letting everything pass you by. There could be an opportunity you’ve been waiting for, and the last thing you want is to let your current situation to get in the way of your future goals.

Consider yourself. Find the time you need. But continue to have a reality check. Life is short, and time is constant. Keep moving.


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