Ways to escape without getting on a plane

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Sometimes we need an escape, but can’t quite afford a getaway. Or we don’t need a whole getaway, just a little escape from the daily madness. We don’t need a plane or train (or automobile) to achieve that escape. Plus, can you imagine that credit card bill each week? Corny, yes. True? Definitely.

There are much simpler ways of escaping on a weekly or even daily basis — and that are a lot less straining on our wallets too.

  1. A walk in a park or along the water to decompress from the day.
  2. Letting yourself fall into a story or novel (or podcast). Escape into the characters and let the mess fall away.
  3. Finding a hobby that is the 180 from your daily life. For example if you spend most of your days on the computer, make your hobby something that removes you from digital, and allows you to use your hands and a different part of your mind.
  4. Light some calming candles, open a bottle of wine, and call a friend. Call, not text.
  5. Cook. Cook a whole meal for yourself or for others too. Let yourself give into the ingredients and the process.
  6. Go to the movies. By yourself. Really.
  7. Take yourself on a date. Go do the one thing you’ve been dying to do – a museum, a pedicure, a dinner at the new restaurant downtown.
  8. Sleep. and sleep some more.

Escaping doesn’t have to be getting away from your life and your town. Afterall it’s quality not quantity. It can be as simple as escaping into a chapter for an evening before going to bed. Let yourself tune out and chill out.


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