What is your everything?

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Many of us as adults try to accomplish it all. Have it all. We want to have the career, the body, the family, the money, the vacation, and the happiness. Can we? Sure why the hell not.

I once said you could have it all (insert post link here), and I mean it. It’s all about prioritizing and segmenting the top items as necessary. Things shift to lower priorities over time, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do them all. It just won’t be every day or every week.

But what is the all?

And is each part worth it?

So here are mine:

  1. The Career
  2. The home
  3. The work/life balance
  4. Being healthy and fit
  5. Time with friends and family
  6. Vacation
  7. Being comfortable
  8. Happiness
  9. Sleep
  10. Enough money to do all of the above

Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Just everything…

So let’s what this really means:

  1. The Career- A job that I enjoy on “most” days (because not everyday is perfect).
  2. The home – A comfortable place to live in a neighborhood that feels like home, and is convenient to work.
  3. The work/life balance – Everyday won’t be a 9-5 (does that even exist anymore?), but I would like to be able to grab dinner with close friends/family a couple times a week, go to the gym, and just come home and relax. I want to have time to do the other things on the list.
  4. Being healthy and fit – Taking 5 days on average to do something active. It doesn’t always have to be at the gym, but it has to get done.
  5. Time with friends and family – See work/life balance. It’s definitely quality over quantity, because I also need time to myself to rest.
  6. Vacation – Not every year is going to involve a huge trip, but it should involve some mini ones, like long weekends to travel to new places and visit good friends and family.
  7. Happiness – Not one item on the list brings complete happiness, but the bulk of them can add to it. It’s a balancing act. Sometimes a workday can put a smile on my face, while on other days it’s a great workout. Sometimes it’s both.
  8. Sleep – Obviously.
  9. Enough money to do all of the above – Yes, income is important. It’s not about having an extravagant lifestyle, but it’s definitely being comfortable and not worrying about every paycheck.

As you can see it’s a balancing act. It’s about quality over quantity. I won’t get 7-8 hour of sleep every night. I won’t be able to see friends every week. I won’t be able to get to the gym every day. And I won’t have the perfect vacation every year.

But I can have a bit of everything. I can have it all.


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