Why is Ginger so awesome?

Ginger. My friend. My savior. Every time I feel a little…let’s say nauseous…ginger has been there for me. That’s why I will never…ever…mix ginger ale or ginger equivalent with alcohol. It’s my safety drink. I count on it the bad days and the eh, it could be better days.

But why is ginger such a powerful resource for us?

According to Food Matters: Ginger is beneficial for stimulating your appetite, improving absorption of essential nutrients, clearing sinuses, and helping with nausea. There are of course other benefits that folks speak of including the potential to prevent cancer, but that is beyond my realm of expertise right now. I can speak from experience and I do know that ginger has helped me specifically with 2 things: 1. digestion and 2. nausea and upset stomach.

According to LifeHack, there are multiple ways to consume ginger. “How it can be taken is up to you, some people will say that 2 tablespoons of shredded ginger in a cup 2-3 times a day is ideal when you are feeling under the weather. A lot of people will mix ginger and honey to help soothe a cold and drink it many times a day.”

For me, what works is this:

  1. Ginger Tea – Preferably Lemon Ginger after a meal
  2. Ginger Kombucha – Big fan of having this as a mid-day refresher or an evening relaxer
  3. Gingerale – although there is definitely unnecessary sugar in this at times, it’s helpful for the major bouts of nausea I’ve experienced and when nothing else seems to be working

Everyone’s body is different and you need to find the type or form of ginger that works for your body and your taste buds.


image source – pixabay


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