Will you ever catch the red dot?

There’s something about that “red dot” that cat’s can’t help but run after. It’s elusive. It’s a chase. It’s clever. And it’s for a challenge. No matter how many times they fail or think they almost have it, they won’t give up. Some are smart enough to realize the source of that red dot, and go after that. Are you?

What is our red dot?

For me it’s something that I feel like I’m continuously going after, but haven’t quite found the best way to achieve. It’s big things like “adulting” and being a grown up. Sometimes we forget how much there is to really do including the mundane at times. Other times I feel like I’m chasing the right career path…from being pre-med to law school to grad school and getting my MBA in marketing. It took a while but I got to a better place because I sought out the source of the red dot rather than aimlessly chasing. And allowing it to lead me, vs actually leading the chase myself. I decided to go for what I found fun and exciting vs. studying what I was told I should study. Studying what I was told was the right route for me based on my strengths. Yes, I was good at science, but it didn’t mean I wanted to focus on 24 hours a day in a lab doing data sets. Do I still find science and technology fascinating? Hell yes. But I want to use that science and technology to impact how I market.

How can we get to the source?

We have to ask ourselves the deeper questions. Rather than just aimlessly trying new things in life or hoping things will just fall into place or we’ll finally find our way. Make it a goal to find it…

Ask yourself things like:

  1. What do I really enjoy?
  2. What am I most proud of in my past?
  3. What makes me feel the most like myself?

Once you’ve connected the dots on the above consider the following:

  1. What immediate steps can I take to further this goal?
  2. What is the long term action plan?

It may take time, it may take minutes. The purpose is to get to a better place where that red dot is just a dot. Something you’ve caught, let go, and moved forward past.



Image Source – Pixabay

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