Wild Hearts Unveiled

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… So I did a thing. For years (decades really) I’ve been writing poetry on and off. Typically during certain tough situations where the emotions and words just pour out. It was a way to let go and heal, and move forward to a newer, better version of myself.

Well, now I’ve released about 20 of those poems for the world to read (judge if you may, but this took some guts to do) and hopefully enjoy and appreciate.

Here is a teaser just for you:

She walked down the street and turned the corner on loneliness
The street filled with hundreds of smiling faces
Each one embracing her with a hug and warm hello
She returns each embrace with an empty one
Wandering through the street
Feeling crowded in, yet as if no one is really there

Wild Hearts Unveiled is raw, real and completely unscripted. As the inscription says to the reader on the first page, it’s not edited. There were no updates. It’s published as the poems were originally written. No particular order. But a sea of poetry for your reading pleasure.

You can check it out via Kindle app or paperback book. Readers choice. And if you do like it, feel free to leave a review, because hey why not?

Until next time, #radiatedaily

image source: Cover of Book, Taken by me.

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