Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

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Do you ever feel like a robot, wondering where the days went and what a blur the time that has passed has been? As if you were running on auto-pilot? That is not the life we were meant to live, is it?

There were times in the past, where I would sit with a significant other or friend, and eat a meal in total silence while watching TV and not even speak a word. The food would be gone, the meal would be over, and the show would be all I remembered from that moment. Sad? yes. True? yes. Can we change it? Yes. Back then, I tried. I tried to make it so we had conversations, or didn’t turn on the TV until after dinner, or until after we caught up. Unfortunately, the robotic eating and watching state had become a habit, something we were used to. It was hard to break. Or shall we say, hard to break without mutual effort.

Made me realize a few things moving forward, of what I wanted in life for myself.

  • I want to live my life and remember the moments.
  • I want to be with someone who is willing to break out of habits and live life too.
  • I enjoy the healthy parts of life, and want to keep fulfilling them.
  • Taking the time to notice the food we put into our mouth, while we eat it, is important. And if it’s while we enjoy an episode of Scandal, that’s cool – but not blindly eating.
  • Taking the time to notice our surroundings – taking off our headphones once in a while.
  • Take a picture with our eyes more often (not just our phones).

In short – Be in the moment. Be present. Be mindful.


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