11 Ways to Unplug from Daily Life

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This is a guest post by blogger Daniela Forte. 

We are constantly glued to our cell phones and other mobile devices, for most of us, if not all; our mobile devices are our whole lives. We shop on them, we watch the news through them, we sleep with them, we listen to music on them, we are on social media with them, oh and we call and text on them too! Gone are the days where cell phones were used just “for emergencies.”

Sometimes we just need a breather from being so connected all the time. I’ll be honest as I write this, my cell phone is sitting right beside me, and I plan to pick it up again as soon as I finish. However, if we’re brave enough one or two days a week to unplug ourselves from our digital devices and enjoy other wonderful things in life, it may change how happy we are as people.

Here are some ideas that will allow you to step away from technology. My recommendation is doing this late at night before bed and on weekends when the life around you slows down a bit.

Read a Book: I mean a real book, with real pages. Don’t pull out your tablets and e-readers. Have a book you have been meaning to read, or a book you want to re-read again? This is the time to do it. Even if you only spend 45 minutes each day or once a week unplugged doing this, it is still worth it.   It offers a great escape from the world and stresses around you.

Exercise: I recommend this, but again I will be honest I don’t do this nearly as often as I would like, sometimes not at all. But exercise doesn’t necessarily mean having to go a to a gym, maybe it’s just a walk around your neighborhood or a taking a hike at a local park near your home. Do anything that gets you off the couch and outside, the weather is getting warmer anyway, so why not?

Cook Something Fun: Since I moved into my own place, I have grown to love cooking. I am always looking for new recipes to make and experiment with. If you are anything like me, cook a dish you always wanted to try or cook a family recipe that no one has made in a while. You never know, you may find you enjoy it!

Take Up a Hobby: Always wanted to learn how to knit, but never quite got around to it? Or have you always wanted to learn a new language or learn how to paint? Take up a hobby you have never tried before, it is a great opportunity to discover hidden talents and meet new people too! I’ve heard people have great success with MeetUp.com, which has a long list of hobby-type meet ups with people who enjoy the same things you do.

Much Needed Rest?: Maybe your unplugged time is just time you take to sleep. Sleep for a couple hours and shut out the digital world around you. Take time for you.

Get a Massage or Facial: Who doesn’t love getting pampered every once in a while?   Check out your local spa and salon and get a massage and/or facial. Spas usually don’t allow their guests to have their cell phones on anyway, so this is a good opportunity to unplug.

Invite Friends Over and Put Your Phone Away: We are always so glued to our phones and mobile devices that even in the company of our own friends and family, we can’t help but look at our phones, we all do it. We do it at the dinner table and at parties and other social functions. If you are trying to practice the unplugged life, start in a scenario that requires your undivided attention.

Meditate: If you haven’t tried this before, it is totally fine. All it takes is finding a good, secure and quiet space and a few moments of silence where you can concentrate on your own inner thoughts. The only thing you should be paying attention is your own breath.

Do Your Chores: People often say that certain household chores like doing the laundry or cleaning a bathroom calms them, so why not turn off your phone and spend a few hours cleaning your house? You not only get a clean house, but you have unplugged too.

Catch a Movie: Is there a movie you have been wanting to see? Gather up your friends and go. Or an even better idea is take yourself! There is nothing better than seeing a movie you want to see without the hassle of people wanting to see something else or dealing with time schedules. It is important however, that during the movie you do not pull out your phone!

Just Turn It Off: Even if you’re doing nothing at all, just turn the phone off. Try doing it a few hours before bed each night. Being unplugged a few hours before bed promises a more restful sleep. Being unplugged also means disconnecting from your laptops, desktops and tablets. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, just put it on silent or do not disturb so that you don’t you don’t hear or see any of your notifications.

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