5 Things You MUST do Each Day

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We can’t help but agree with lifehacker on some of the things you should do everyday to be a little happier. Rather than going through each day like a robot, and waking up on the wrong side of the bed for no “good” reason – why not shake it off. Focus on things that can make each day better and provide a little more happiness and good vibes. Some say, “fake it ’til you make it” – I say, “just do it.”

What do you have to lose?

It’s really quite simple.

Here are 5 that are most important on my list…

  1. Wake up with a positive outlook – ignore the crankiness, and the fact that you may have a lot to do that day. Instead focus on the fact that it’s a new day and a fresh start to tackle.
  2. Be active – 30 minutes a day. really.
  3. Drink water – And not the water in your coffee or tea.
  4. Say something kind/nice to someone who wouldn’t expect it – Karma.
  5. Appreciate yourself – Give yourself a compliment each day. Even a little one.

And when you look back, the day may be just a little sunnier.



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