Beat the Heat

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The dog days of summer can be rough. You’re sweating before you leave your home, and by the time you get to work you’re re-applying that deodorant. It’s brutal out there  – especially for us city, folks. Those subways are not our friends when it’s hotter on the platform than outside. Us females, we pray our makeup doesn’t melt off and that we still look damn good when we walk to our office/cube.

You have to be smart.

Having spent a summer in Phoenix once (yes, really) – I learned quickly that it’s important to find ways to “beat the heat.” You need to prepare and be ready for times when it’s a little too hot, and you’re ridiculously dehydrated. You can feel the headache, and the drain overcome you.

A few tips to stay on track and still look good doing it, despite the humidity and hazy rays…

  1. Carry water – sounds like common sense, but you can’t imagine the times I’ve been on a subway platform wishing I had a bottle to chug from – not just to cool down, but to ensure I didn’t feel faint from the lack of ability to breathe through the thick air.
  2. Wear layers – yes, really. Layers aren’t just for the fall and winter. When you’re caught in 100 degrees outside to 70 degrees inside, you will be wishing you had the extra layer to put on or take off. The layers allow your body to adjust a little easier without the harsh impacts. Just be sure they’re lighter fabrics than your typical fall/winter ones.
  3. Bring distractions – sometimes the easiest way for me to ignore the heat I feel commuting is by reading a book or listening to some tunes and drowning out my own thoughts. Mind over matter.
  4. Eat light but often – You don’t want to be so full you feel nauseous in the heat, but you want to be sure you are eating often so you don’t feel light headed either.
  5. Drink less coffee and alcohol – it will only dehydrate you further. Sad, but true.

And when you are feeling like complete crap, just say hey – this sucks, but it’ll be over soon. And then treat yourself to a nice big glass of wine. Because hey, “wine not” !


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