Accepting Change

Written by contributing blogger, Sonia Sahota.

This August marked one year since I packed up my things from Boston and moved down to the suburbs of Connecticut. It is incredible how much you can learn about yourself in twelve months. A year ago, I was living in the heart of the North End and spent most weekends exploring the historical city and catching up with close friends. I always wanted to say yes and be there for my friends celebratory moments – even if that meant I was putting myself second. Whether it was graduation parties, birthdays, or bridal showers – I would make a point to be there for those that mattered.

It wasn’t until my going away party that I realized who my true friends were. This was a milestone in my life as I was taking a leap of faith by starting a new job in New York City. It was difficult to say, “See You Later,” to my previous home in Boston, however the excitement of an amazing career in New York City was calling and I was ready to jump in full force.

There were a few friends that couldn’t make it because of reasons that were beyond their control. And then there were others who made it clear that change is inevitable, and you can’t hold on to the person they used to be. I learned that even the closest of friends grow apart and it’s not a bad thing. This is a part of growing up. I’ve learned to take time, love myself and put my passions first. The people who I want to surround myself with will support me and be there for even larger milestones ahead.

Now, one year later – I can say whole heartedly that I’m ecstatic I made the move. Taking on a challenging but fun career and being surrounded by family as well as a tight knit group of friends who support each other’s passions and accomplishments is far beyond what I could have imagined 25 to bring. Cheers to change and putting yourself first.


image source – pixabay

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