Another year, Another birthday

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Typically, when the New Year rolls around, many of us think of our resolutions for the upcoming year and how we want to rejuvenate our lives, and focus harder on our goals. It feels like a fresh start and a way to start new and kick some major ass. I know I do it.

But the new year isn’t the only time I like to reflect on goals and hopes I have for my life, career, and more. My birthday is about mid-year (early July) and in a way that feels like a new year to me, even more so than January 1st. It’s a new year in my age, and my growth as a person. It’s a time to think back on the year before and what I did accomplish and what I was proud of. It’s a time to think forward on what more I could do to achieve my large goals, and what smaller things I should be doing each day.

This year, I turned 33.

I haven’t quiet freaked out about the #, although I admit I wasn’t ready to give up saying 32. When the day came, and I was officially 33, I kept hoping there would be a guide, a guide to the new year of my life. Like in college when you have a map to the major you choose. You know the courses you have to take, and the path to get to graduation.

Not the case in adulthood. And the “wiser” you get, the more challenges you face. The more barriers and things you hadn’t even thought could exist. Friendships grow stronger (despite distance), and true friends shine through. Some relationships wane and others show you who will stick around. Careers change and we grow.

32 was a big year for me. I left Boston after 14 years and moved to NYC and started a new job and have begun to make some new friends along the way. It’s been a year of adventures, fun, challenges, and most of all learning more about myself. That I am independent, able to muscle through the madness, and happy with where I am today.

I felt refreshed on the day of my 33rd bday. I spent it with family and realized that I am happy at 33. I know that this year may have less “big moments” like last year, but it will still be great. I will focus harder on my career to get to where I want, and on my other personal goals like fitness and health. I let myself slack the last couple months and I know I need to get back on the hamster wheel to feel 100% productive and myself.

33 is the year I will kick even more ass on the personal goals I set. And when things come my way that I didn’t expect or plan, I’ll welcome them. Because hey, life isn’t meant to be set on a roadmap every step of the way.


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