Anxiety is BS

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Anxiety can overwhelm some. Others, don’t always understand, but anxiety is something that so many deal with everyday.
You can have anxiety about an upcoming meeting, travel plans, a talk with a significant other, safety, not having enough time to get shit done, feeling alone, getting older, so on and so forth.
It can consume you. It can wreck your morning with a headache. Give you panic during the day. Sleepless nights.
But here’s the thing – we have to find ways to control it. Letting it consume us, is awful. It prevents us from being who we are outside the anxiety. It prevents friendships. It prevents plans. It prevents us from being our best selves.
But what do we do?
Sometimes it’s as simple as a walk to calm our nerves. Sometimes it’s going to a happy place and remembering a time when things were fabulous. Sometimes it’s just saying a mantra over and over until our breathing calms. Other times it’s talking to a friend about what we’re stressed/anxious about. Perhaps it’s writing it all down and figuring out what can be done now about it, and what isn’t in our control. Although some disagree, the adult coloring books are a great way to take a break from the world, and relax a bit. Get away from technology, our grievances, our stresses, and just take a minute for ourselves.
My five go-to’s include taking a walk, getting to the gym, having some tea, writing it down, and just taking a few deep breaths. You don’t always have time for a walk, so you have to get it into check, stat.
Letting control go … scary right? Sometimes, necessary.

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