Be Positive

Written by blog contributor, Sonia Sahota. 

“Be the energy you wish to see in the world.” – Source Unknown

Can’t believe Fall is here! – Not complaining since I love everything about this time of year, with the leaves changing, family festivities, fresh apple cider and donuts, the beautiful foliage, leather jackets, pumpkin spice and everything nice. Even though it is not January bringing in the New year, It feels like a fresh beginning…kind of the way you feel after completing a food or workout cleanse. It may just be the leaves changing. Whatever it is, I love taking time during the fall to embrace the positive things and release any negativity in my life.

As the years go by, I realize how much I love to surround myself with people that radiate and release good energy. I love those who lift me up and enhance my optimism as well as positive attitude. Nothing feels worse than when someone brings you down, makes you feel like crap, or cannot be happy for someone else’s well-being and success. (Not to confuse with friends or family that are honest, positive criticism or anything of that sort. Those are just family and friends looking out for you.) It’s toxic. And being around it for too long can effect your own energy and mental state. You could potentially forget what it means to be around the good energy. But sometimes all it takes is a dose of the good to remember how damn good you can feel when you surround yourself with the people who do lift you up.

I read somewhere that, “Your energy introduces you before you even speak.” It is unbelievable how true this statement is. I can reflect back to a moment two years ago, where I was introduced to a friend of a friend and immediately felt the positivity and good energy from this woman. Even before she spoke, I knew there was something warm and optimistic about her. Months turned into years and by then I knew that my instinct was right. That woman, now a friend, always had a fresh and positive vibe about the way she spoke and carried herself. She made you want to be around her because her energy enhanced yours, and she genuinely looked for the good in others. She did not listen to respond but listened to understand. These kind of people support and encourage you to be the best person you can be. They do not tear you down, compare or make things about themselves. Every act of kindness vibrates and is contagious. Pay attention to whom your energy increases around; it truly is the universe hinting who you should embrace in your life or stray away from. This is one of the biggest lessons I have learned over the past three years.

Tell us about a time when someone has brought optimism and great energy into your life. Share your story. #RadiateDaily

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