Choose Happiness

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Think back…do you remember days when it was hard to focus on your priorities. Whether it was due to a breakup, a bad day at work, a disconnection from a loved one, or a loss of confidence in your ability. It sucks, right?

How can we move forward without feeling stuck. Paralyzed. Consumed by the crap of it all.

It’s not easy…it’s a total B sometimes.

Recently I dealt with a loss of a friendship. I was disappointed, and it consumed me for a day or so as I vented to other friends about the ridiculous situation. And yes I do mean ridiculous. Luckily this feeling passed quickly and I was back to functioning as my regular self pretty easily. This loss didn’t take a toll like I thought it would. It allowed me to see the strength in myself and how that friendship wasn’t meant to last forever. It was temporary, as was my sadness.

Then there was a time where someone I cared for dearly, although feeling similarly, decided it was time to move on. That one stung. That one made me realize it would take longer to step forward, because although the friendship was only a small amount of time, it meant so much more. This person provided me a sense of adventure, courage I didn’t see in myself before and so much more. So now what? I had to really dig into myself and think about the tools I use to be strong and move forward. Here are a few that have helped me in these tougher situations:

1. Debate if the situation was meant to really last longer
2. Remember other moments that were even tougher and you came through the other side a better person
3. Our pain helps us appreciate the good times that much more
4. Focus on all that you have (there is always more than we realize) and appreciate it
5. Allow yourself time to grieve, but don’t let it be too long
6. The moments of sadness may come and go, but you have to remind yourself that it’s just temporary
7. Wake up each morning and choose happiness and strength – if you allow yourself to focus and be determined to bring positivity in your life, it will lighten your heart, and allow more good in.
8. The energy you put out, is typically the energy you get back – stick with the good energy
9. Consider this time a new sense of freedom, a new part of your life, a gift
10. Love yourself


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