Collect Memories

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I’m a nostalgic person and have a tendency to collect things throughout my life. Ticket stubs from baseball games, postcards from getaways, and mugs from unique places. I can’t help it, it reminds me of my adventure.
What I’ve realized over time, it’s easier to collect memories in different shapes and forms (without the clutter). Pictures…I mean the old school version. I print out pictures and frame them, put them in actual photo albums, and use them to send to friends in cards as memories for birthdays and holidays.
I never had the patience for writing in a diary or journal. It was too much to do each day, but I do like the idea of a picture diary. Capturing a moment from each day or week to remind you of the good (and bad) times had. Remembering the pain of a breakup (so you don’t repeat your mistakes), the mischief caused with your best friend, the nature walk you took to get some perspective, and/or the family time you had in your backyard just hanging out.
And for those who are even too lazy for that…
I also try not to stay glued behind my camera during a trip and when I’m at a party. It ruins the moment. I can’t capture the laughter we shared through a photo (always), and I’d rather remember it from living it from in front of lens instead of always behind it. I take a moment and take a mental picture instead.
Capture what you want, the way you wan it. Make your memories your own.

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