Patience with Fitness

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Ever think, damn I’m doing so good today. I ate so well. I didn’t have pizza, and I had smaller portions than usual. I went to the gym and kicked my own butt. I feel awesome. Then you look at the scale the next day and see absolutely no change and have a large desire to kick it.

Not the best feeling, but when I’ve felt this way I have to remind myself of one very annoying fact. It takes just as long (if not longer) and even harder work to get to a good place as it took to get to a place that isn’t as good. If for example I let myself have a month of doing whatever I want diet wise, I can’t expect to change it around in a couple days.

Patience is not my virtue.

But I also see the friends and folks who have really transformed themselves, especially later in age. And it takes true commitment.

So I’ve decided to try a few new techniques:

1. Be inspired by those around me who are patient with their fitness and nutrition goals

2. When the gym instructor asks why you’re there, don’t just give it “hey well I made it” kind of effort. Give it the effort you need to actually make it.

3. Be conscious of the long run rather than the short term satisfaction

4. Drink more liquids, even if it does make me pee way too much

5. Be ok with feelings of frustration as long as I’m actually trying

Try a little harder. Breathe a little more. Give yourself a high five.


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