Eat a little, Eat a lot

Our society has made us worry about every little morsel that goes into our mouths. How many calories is in that bite of cake? Can I afford the calories to eat out today? How many sugars are in that drink? If I have wine instead of an appetizer will my calorie count max out?

Does that make your head spin? There’s probably an app for that too.

I admit, I’m guilty too. On a┬áregular basis, I’m keeping track of what I eat, I plan my meals. I check the packages, and ensure that nothing is too high calorie or too high in sugars, etc. And if it is, I take a “cheat” and balance it out.

The key – balance.

And then, there are days you just have to say…no thanks. There are days you have to give yourself a pass. Sometimes a week. And if your body is desperately thinking about chocolate, it’s better to just allow it than binge later. If I want pizza, I’ll have it. But perhaps instead of going out to get it, I’ll make my own. That way I know what’s going into it, and I know I’ll feel better about it, and yay, I still get pizza.

The catch, balance. No one wants to eat 12 slices of pizza and feel like shit. But having a couple slices because you haven’t had pizza in a while – is that the worst thing in the world? Probably not.

There’s that silly age old saying “everything in moderation” – and to this day, I feel like that was the golden ticket. And these days, it’s one I live more and more by.

I’ll have my salad, and then I’ll have my ice cream.


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