Flip the Story on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s day is once again around the corner, every store, restaurant, and media outlet is looking for a way to make the most out of the “hallmark” holiday. Hearts everywhere. Chocolate. Cupid. Pink. Red. Fixed Menus for the “special” occasion. All of it, surrounding us since Christmas and the New Year ended.

But does it matter?

Not a bit.

Let’s flip the switch on this storyline. It’s not about having, needing, or celebrating a relationship with a significant other. It’s about the relationship you have with yourself.

Instead, buy yourself a present. Take yourself out on a date. Show yourself some extra self care and self love. You deserve the love and attention you provide or would provide to a significant other or even just a friend.

The fun thing bout Valentine’s for me over the past few years has been that my cat, Jax (short for Jackson) aka the trouble maker in the household, was supposedly born on 2/14. So he’s now cupid and he’s now the center of attention for the day, the week, and celebrated for the special boy he is.

So like I said, flip the switch. Or not. It’s your story. Go live it. Holiday or not.

Until next time, #radiatedaily

image source: pixabay

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