There are SO many styles and trends that sometimes we just can’t keep up. Some styles remain over the years, and others go with the wind. Almost as frequent as new social media channels. Ok, not really, but you get the picture. Some trends are recycled and have a slightly modern twist the (i.e. overralls and flares). Others are literally from our childhood – we embrace some, we run from others. That’s realistic. We can’t embrace every trend because (1) they may not look good on all of our body types; (2) fast fashion means spending more; and (3) you may already have it in your closet and have been ignoring it for a reason.

So what do we do? Embrace what we love. Embrace what we are excited to wear.

So here are the 3 rules I live by when it comes to embracing your personal style:

1. If you feel confident and happy in it. Wear it.

2. If you know it looks good for work and play. Wear it.

3. If you get compliments every time you wear it. Wear it again and again.

But also:

1. Create new ways to wear it. Make it modern with a fun trendy scarf (doesn’t have to break the bank for a whole new outfit).

2. Take good care of your most precious pieces. Even if they don’t work today, they may in 5 years.

3. If you love it so much and you can buy another. Do it now. You’ll be happy you have two.

Image source: Vanity Fair