Inhale the Good Shit

I saw a quote a while back via Marissa Webb that made me think.

“INHALE the good shit EXHALE the bullshit”
It’s so true.
Over the past year, I’ve been trying to follow this motto as much as possible. The people and the crap that doesn’t bring good into your life – leave it/them be. It’s a waste of time, energy and strength. And only zaps your good mood.┬áThe people who constantly bitch about their lives, the people who put others down, who lie, are fake and the the people who are manipulative only trying to get what they want for themselves…let them have it. And run – don’t walk.
But those that give back. The ones that have positive energy. The ones that are putting together cool businesses. Trying to help the world in small ways. Even through small charity events, beginning startups that matter to their passions, those people …are amazing to have around. They make you feel inspired, and push you to do greater, better things in your life too. These are the people to embrace, each and every day. And I for sure, am lucky to have so many of these amazing people in my life…everyday.
Not to mention the cute puppies who run around dog parks. My kitten who cuddles with me. A daily dose of that is great too.
I also love having a workout buddy. A movie and ice cream friend. Whatever makes you smile, gets you motivated to do awesome shit, and makes you feel better about yourself and your life – that’s what you should keep around. Daily. Weekly. And Always.
What makes you #radiatedaily

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