Finish off your summer reading list…

…even though we can definitely read into the fall. Who says summer beach reads are only for the beach! Ever since I was a kid I’ve loved escaping into a book. It allows you an adventure right at your fingertips, and you feel like you can really let your life sit aside for a little while. Totally worth the time…

Here are a few of our recommendations for your “can’t wait to turn the page” pleasure: 

The Lying Game – Ruth Ware (Author of In a Dark, Dark wood – also amazing)

Scrappy Little Nobody – Anna Kendrick (enough said)

Ready Player One – Ernest, Cline (…get ready for some 80s nostalgia)

Into the Water – Paula Hawkins (it’s not just spooky, it makes you wonder who actually did it)

All the Missing Girls – Megan Miranda (you will be wondering how it all comes together)

Dark Matter – Blake Crouch (Shit goes wrong…)


image source – pixabay

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