The little comforts

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Over time, I’ve realized that life is so busy, I need to rely on the little comforts in life. They’re helpful for a bit of distraction, a bit of reprieve, and a moment to just rest and not think (as much). My comforts depend on my mood, obviously, but I definitely have my go-to’s that allow me to feel a little bit of happiness, during a maddening week or day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. Lifting weights and doing a good stretch (some yoga poses) – Sounds strange, but it’s just 15 minutes of unwinding at the end of a day. It’s not a whole workout, it’s just a moment to let it all out.
  2. Getting my nails done – I usually can’t use my phone much when getting a manicure, which helps to just tune out. During a pedicure, I try to read or just let the massage chair do it’s magic.
  3. Have a go-to Netflix/Hulu show – I have a couple shows I’ve seen time and time again, that allow me to just feel a sense of “home.” I enjoy Friends to tune out, and have a little laugh while I get ready for bed. I enjoy Grey’s Anatomy when I’m having a long rough day and need me some Meredith Grey to tell me how much worse it could be.
  4. A damn good cup of tea (or wine) – whatever your poison, it helps to have a cup to just chill the hell out after a long day.
  5. Writing it all out – kind of like I’m doing here. Sometimes I just need to write it out to get it out of my head. It works, trust me.
  6. Listening to a podcast – rather than reading which you need both hands for, sometimes listening allows me to do other things but also get immersed in a story and feel like I’m somewhere else.

The little things. They can add up.


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